Saturday, April 18, 2009

What's New

Today I have been playing with some of the old pictures I have to create some unique cards. Hence the arrival of the Lil Diva Collection. I take the old picture, change it into a sketch through photoshop, stamp it, then color it up. These started out as pics of collector dolls that my girls have. Can't wait to do some of the grand baby too once he is up and running around. He is still too young to get him to pose for anything, lol. It would be a great way to create my own coloring books too! Add that to the list of many projects, lol.

I played with them some more, added text and such, themed them for Mother's day and birthday. I am really enjoying doing this style of artwork. Its alot of fun, so I will be creating many more as I go through the old picture box. Lots of great pics in there for all occassions, but I still have to upload them all. I never seem to have enough time these days to do it all. I am sure you know how I feel. Anyways,

To view the finished products take a look here at my zazzle store.

Mother's Day Cards
Birthday Cards

I am off to play some more! Enjoy!